Jerusalem Envelope

The 25-foot wall it is part of a barrier of walls and fences, the Jerusalem Envelope,that Israel is building around much of the West Bank with the stated aim of keeping out Palestinian militants responsible for suicide bombings. The Israelis’ apparent rationale is to create a new geographic definition of Jerusalem. The wall intends to create a new boundary with a Jewish majority inside and Palestinian populated parts of Jerusalem outside. The economic and humanitarian effects of the wall are significant, because it goes through intensely populated areas and disrupts the movement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. By the time the Jerusalem wall is completed, more than 90 percent of the East Jerusalem district will be absorbed by Israel. About 250,000 Palestinians will be stranded in walled enclosures and cut off from both East Jerusalem and other urban centres. The barrier as created a sad new reality. Most people resort to a cat-and-mouse game with patrolling soldiers, and squeeze through gaps in the wall if they are tiny, or clamber over obstructions that resemble adventure playground barriers. Carpenters and traders pass their wares in small chunks through gaps in the wall when the soldiers are gone, mothers carrying babies teeter across and schoolchildren carrying heavy bags of books climb to the top and jump down.

A Palestinian woman passing by the Jerusalem Wall in the West Bank side, Bethany, Jerusalem, Israel, 11.04.2005.
A Palestinian student going to school waits in order to pass trough a gap in the Jerusalem Envelope to East Jerusalem, Abauaba passage, West Bank, Jerusalem, Israel, 11.04.2005.
A Palestinian woman passing trough a gap in the Jerusalem Envelope, towards the East Jerusalem side, Jerusalem, Israel, 11.04.2005.
A Palestinian worker passing trough the Jerusalem Envelope, in one section where the construction as stopped, Property Saint Vicent, East Jerusalem, Israel, 11.04.2005.
A Palestinian student leaving from school, the Wall was built 2 meters away from the entrance of the teaching facilities, Bethany, West Bank, Jerusalem, Israel, 11.04.2005.
Barbed wire closes a gap in the Jerusalem Wall in one section where the construction as stopped, 11.04.2005.