Mindelo’s Carnival

In the Cape Verdean island of São Vicente. native island of the singer Cesária Évora, Mindelo, the island’s main city, is known to have the most colorful carnival of the region, the festivities will be under the charge of organized groups from a number of São Vicente’s neighborhoods.

Mindelo´s Carnival is like Cape Verde: Creole. Born from Portuguese Mardi Gras traditions the last years have been watching a Brazilian influence and it has become Africa’s most known carnival.

A percussion group during the last rehearsal the night before the beginning of the Mindelo’s Carnival parade, 2007.
A man masquerade like “Mandinga” walks, before the Carnival Parade, at the avenue by the sea of Mindelo’s bay, 2007. The “Mandingas” were members of African continent groups also used as slaves in Cape Verde. They rumble the streets chaotically playing with the audience, generally they are from the poorer strata of the population.
A dancer of the group “Samba Tropicall” performing at the night parade of the Mindelo’s Carnival, 2007.
Dancer from one of the collectivities that dispute Mindelo’s Carnival prize performing during the parade, 2007
Mindelo’s Carnival nigth parade, 2007
Dancer from one of the collectivities that dispute Mindelo’s Carnival prize resting after the parade near the bay, 2007.
Dancers of the group “ Samba Tropical”, near some Military Police soldiers, waiting for the start of the night parade at Mindelo´s Carnival, 2007
Two young girls having fun near Mindelo’s bay by the end of the Carnival parade, 2007.